There is no doubt that at some point, every person can become lazy, and it is totally understandable. Being lazy isn’t a crime, and a person can procrastinate on the activity or task at hand. However, you are a student and wondering why am I so lazy to study? Unlike other activities, it can be hard to procrastinate studying as the tasks and assignments can pile up, become too much and overwhelm a student. Still, when working with deadlines, it becomes hard to procrastinate studying as this can affect the overall grades. This means that under such scenarios, there is no room to become too lazy to study. In this guide, we explore useful insights and approaches for a student when feeling unmotivated to study.

How to overcome laziness while studying

The following practical tips will help you as a student learn how to study when you dont want to and understand the context of what you are studying without struggling.

  1. Ask for help when you are too lazy to do homework

Doing homework is part of studying. When you feel the homework is quite complex and you can’t figure out what to do, the ultimate solution is to ask for help instead of wasting more time doing nothing. You can ask your teacher, a fellow student, or a guardian for more help with your homework. Still, you can use homework help services available online and have your homework done perfectly and on time.

  1. Take breaks while studying

Doing the same task continuously can be overwhelming and boring at times. When studying, you don’t need to feel extreme pressure as a result of being overwhelmed with the tasks at hand. Instead, take short breaks to refresh your mind to figure out new ideas and concepts. Also, use the breaks to re-energize yourself by eating healthy meals and drinking water for hydration. This will not only motivate you to keep studying but improve your overall concentration too.

  1. Create a motivating environment

One way how to stop being lazy in school when studying is to create an environment ideal for studying. A good studying environment should be free from noise, have adequate lighting, be away from distractions, and good chair and table for studying.

  1. Create a practical timetable

Time management is a crucial skill for every student. One way of ensuring you give all the activities at hand good amounts of time is creating a personalized timetable and staying disciplined to follow the timetable appropriately. In your timetable, give the complex and urgent tasks a priority to avoid the last-minute rash that can cause stress.

  1. Have the learning materials in order

How will you be motivated to study when you don’t have the required resources? Start by putting the textbooks and related stationeries in place before you begin studying. With everything in place, you won’t be tempted to procrastinate on the assignment at hand.

  1. Keep off distractions

One practical way how to not be lazy in school is to avoid possible distractions as much as possible. Distractions come in different forms. For instance, noise from the surrounding environment and electronic devices. Therefore, to enhance your studying motivation, keep off social media notifications or noisy areas.

  1. Set realistic goals

Having goals you want to achieve will motivate you to study smart as you work towards your dreams. Therefore, as a student, always have ultimate goals. For instance, your goal can be to perform well at the end of the term, get good grades, or attain a given grade to help you pursue your dream career. Whenever you feel lazy, you will always remember these dreams and start working on them.


It is common for most students to feel lazy while studying. Do not feel like a failure in such instances. You only need to figure out strategic ways to remove laziness and continue studying. Be sure to start with the above tips, and you will note a significant change in your study routines.