What to Expect in High School: Guide for Freshmen

When advancing their career levels, students often have reactions filled with mixed emotions. Some feel anxious, some feel happy, and some feel afraid, among many other reactions. This is expected of any person advancing from one phase of life to another. However, any student can overcome emotions and feelings, especially when advancing to high school. You’ve heard stories, watched the high school freshmen movies, and related content. But then, what is it like to be a high school freshman? Keep reading this guide as we offer the best high school freshman advice to suit all students.

Things to know before high school

Before we review the best tips to survive as a high school junior, let’s first of all, learn what to expect in high school during the first year.

Prepare for high school homework

One thing you need to know once you are a junior in high school is that homework is inevitable. As much as studying in class is obvious, you will encounter several homework assignments every school day. The homework isn’t just any other assignment; it accounts for your overall performance. Therefore, start learning how much homework in high school you will be getting and embrace the idea of studying as early as possible.

You will meet new friends

The friends you choose will determine your character in school. Now, your ultimate goal in school is to perform well. This means that you have to make friends with similar interests as you. Otherwise, a bad company might ruin all your academic objectives, and within no time, you will find yourself off on matters concerning academics.

Don’t be afraid of bullies

More often, you will hear crazy stories about bullies in high school. However, this shouldn’t get into your head. Instead, you only need to master the art of dealing with bullies, if any, and everything else will fall into place. One way of dealing with bullies is always agreeing with what they say. With time, they won’t have time to bully you, and you will be free to study smoothly.

High school freshman advice and tips

Now that you know some of the things you should prepare for as a high school junior, the tips below will help you blend well with the school environment, study well, and achieve your career objectives.

  1. Start by learning about the school

Before you begin learning, take time to learn about the school environment to know different areas with respective activities. Also, it is important to know where the different classes are, to make sure you are in the right place at the required time.

  1. Get organized

One thing that will help a high schooler have a smooth time at school is having everything well-organized and in place. Therefore, arrange your books, both textbooks and exercise books, in a manner you can easily get when you need them. This will not only save you the trouble of finding a book but also save you time so that you can focus on your studies.  

  1. Be yourself

While joining high school, you will meet students from different places with different lifestyles. It is quite common for high schoolers to get the peer pressure of fitting into a certain group. Such pressures can disappoint to the point you cannot focus on your studies. Therefore, appreciate and endure who you are for a satisfying high school life.

  1. Always ask questions

In high school, you are a teenager full of questions, whether for study purposes or general life questions. Therefore, make it a habit to always ask your teacher whatever is pressing you. Asking questions is a perfect way to learn and to be active in class, which fosters the overall understanding of a particular context.


Are you almost joining the high school? Are you nervous, wondering how life will be? Well, don’t worry. All you need is the correct attitude, the basic requirements in place, and apply the advice highlighted in this guide. You will have an admirable high school life in the end.

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